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Welcome! to the iota Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda at Cornell University
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What is rush?

Rush is a period of time at the beginning of every semester where organizations (fraternities, sororities, and co-ed fraternities) try to recruit members. There are no obligations or commitments involved with rush. During this time, we hold free activities/events that provide opportunities for sisters and interested girls to hang out, chat, and have fun. Hopefully, through these events, you will gain a bigger picture of who we are, what we do, and what our chapter is like. Likewise, we hope that we can learn more about you and get to know you better. So come out, be yourself, and have some fun!


Why rush Kappa Phi Lambda?

What makes us different?
Kappa Phi Lambda is a cultural sorority that was founded on the principles of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity. We work to promote Pan-Asian culture in our community and provide service to its members while maintaining academic excellence. Sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda are always there for each other to give a helping hand and to share in each others’ happiness. Kappa Phi Lambda’s sisterhood is eternal!
Be a leader and not a follower. Kappa Phi Lambda is one of the fastest growing organizations of its kind. Be a part of the foundation. Don’t just be another face. We provide extensive opportunities to network and prepare for your future. You will develop and improve time-management skills, leadership skills, and social skills. With continuous commitments to community service, our philanthropy events, various cultural events and, of course, the mixers and parties that we host, your college career is sure to be a well-rounded one.


I’m not Asian or Asian American. Can I still join Kappa Phi Lambda?

Absolutely! Kappa Phi Lambda is Asian-interest, not Asian-exclusive. We have many different nationalities represented within Kappa Phi Lambda, and as a cultural sorority we encourage diversity. We believe recognizing individual members for the unique value they add makes us greater as a whole.


What is a bid and how do I get one?

A bid is a formal invitation to you to begin the new member process for our sorority. We ask that you attend at least one general interest meeting and two rush events, as well as complete our simple application process in order to be eligible for a bid. Bids are given to women who we feel would be an asset to our organization and with whom we feel we can develop bonds of sisterhood.


Do I have to attend every rush event?

No, each rush has certain requirements, which can be found on the rush page or rush quartercard. To be eligible for a bid, usually one general interest meeting and two to three rush events are necessary. We would like for you to attend a general interest meeting so that we can show you the more formal aspects of our organization (and all the wonderful things we do!), while other rush events are more informal and allow for more personal interaction.


What is the new member process?

Our new member process educates potential new members about our sorority. During this time, potential new members are educated about the history and secrets of the sorority. We also provide opportunities for class bonding, cultural education, and bonding with the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda. The new member process is a period where you not only learn about us, but also about yourself and your fellow potential new members. It is meant to be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience.


Will this process affect my grades?

Kappa Phi Lambda aims for academic excellence, which is one of our founding principles. This process should in no way take precedence over your classes. We understand that you are Cornell students and that we are all at this institution first and foremost to receive an Ivy League education. We provide ample time for schoolwork, and we also provide academic assistance if needed. We have sisters who have done their very best academically while they were undergoing their new member process.


I’ve heard all these horrible stories about the new member process. Is this going to happen to me?

What you are referring to is called hazing. This is illegal at Cornell University and goes against the policies of Kappa Phi Lambda. We stress positive new member education. Each activity is not meant to humiliate or harm you in any way but rather should be a challenge. We only ask you to do things that we ourselves would feel comfortable doing. There is no point in hurting or humiliating someone we would consider a future sister.


How much does being a potential new member or sister cost?

We do not collect large amounts of money from you during our new member process. We ask that you and your class set your own budget and spend accordingly based on needs. As for being a sister, you may be surprised to find out exactly how low our dues actually are. As a non-profit organization we hold many fundraisers and events to raise money. We would never want money to be the reason you miss out on Sisterhood!


What do you mean by big sister/little sister?

Each member of the sorority has a big sister; each new member member receives a big sister during the new member process. You and your big sister will have a special bond, and she will be someone who you can turn to at any time during this process and beyond for help and advice.


How do I know if a sorority is right for me?

There is no one RIGHT reason to join a sorority, but there are a lot of benefits. If you find that the values of the organization coincide with your own, that you fit in very well with the sisters, and that they organize events that you’d like to be a part of, then it’s probably a good fit for you!


More questions? Contact us!

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